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Contributing an open-source project is a really good stuff for every developer, and there way, every developer should contribute an open-source (or maybe the other dark way -He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named) . But how ?

First, you should choose an opensource project to contribute, there is so much project in git/svn or anyother source repositories, choose one. You want some more popular?

Yes! Github has a list like you want, Trending projects, go over and find a project for yourself.

After that create your enviroment, and find the bugs (if you don’t have QA/BA skills, no problem! there is always an issue tracker for the projects, lookup own list, and find a bug to solve)

Than commit it!

I’ve choose wordpress to commit on my freetimes, and i’ve prepared a Developer Enviroment (DEV-BOX) , not

Aws lambda nedir ? Aws Lambda Nasıl Kullanılır ?



Sony’de her hafta çarşamba BBS adını verdiğimiz etkinlikler yapmaktayız. Bu etkinliklerin amacı bir kişini iyi olduğu bir konu üzerinde tüm ekibe sunum yapması ve onlara bu konu hakkında bilgi vermesi. Bu hafta ben Aws Lambda hakkında bir sunum yapıp, bbs üzerinde bir kod yazdım. Bu kodu ve bbs sunum dosyasını aşağıda bulabilirsiniz.


Sunum : http://www.slideshare.net/MuhammetArslan2/aws-lambda-and-serverless-cloud

Lambda Resizing Code : https://github.com/geass/sony-bbs-lambda


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Muhammet ARSLAN

Netmoda.com Tech Stack

Hello everyone,

There are so many questions about how is the Netmoda.com’s servers ? Netmoda.com working on which technologies ? As Netmoda.com CTO, i want to give some explanations about that questions.First i will start with server stack and then web server technologies.